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What Is Depression?

Are you suffering from depression? This illness constitutes a persistent state of sadness or anxiety, which lasts a minimum of two weeks.

Among its many identifiable traits, this disorder causes indifference to hobbies, enjoyable activities, and loved ones, as well.

In some contexts, depression may not qualify as a psychiatric illness, but rather, a justifiable response to taxing life situations-including the death of a loved one or unemployment.

Symptoms Of Depression

Depression culminates in many behavior patterns and symptoms. Sufferers of this condition may note consistent anxiety, emptiness or sadness, insomnia or hypersomnia, a notable reduction or increase in appetite, irritability, fatigue, restlessness and in more severe cases, suicidal thoughts.

Key Causes Of Depression

Depression is caused by a number of different factors. From a biological standpoint, depression may derive from a chemical imbalance in the brain.

The neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin generate feelings of happiness, excitement and anticipation under normal circumstances. A chemical depletion, however, may evoke feelings of despair.

Depression also has a cognitive basis, as persistent, negative, destructive thoughts can adversely affect self-esteem. Sufferers of cognitively-based depression may ruminate on thoughts such as “I am worthless”, “I hate myself”, and much worse.

Depression is often diagnosed as a co-occurring disorder, which implies that it accompanies another disease (e.g. alcoholism, anxiety, diabetes, and cancer).

Specific medications also heighten the possibility of depression, by altering the structural and chemical makeup of the brain.

Two of the most prevalent causes of depression, however, happen to be environment and genetics. Individuals with a family history of depression have an elevated chance of incurring the illness themselves.

And finally, situational events, including divorce or emotional trauma, can spark a downward, emotional spiral of grand proportions.

12 Things To Live For

Depression, regardless of its origin, can distort one’s thought process, frame of mind, and mental outlook on life.

If you are depressed, you must transcend your thoughts, and familiarize yourself with the ebbing beauty and value of life, and all of its grandeur.

Even if you are stricken by hopelessness, regret, and self-loathing, you must uphold the simple adage that you are a living, breathing organism; this is truly a miracle of nature.

When you’re enveloped in despair, remind yourself that there are at least 12 exciting things to live for:

#1 You’re you! You are inherently unique, and there will never be another you-unless you are cloned in a bizarre science experiment.

The only person who can contribute what you have to offer is you. Make use of your distinguishable nature, and contribute to this planet accordingly.

#2 Friends and Loved Ones: There are people who love you immensely in this world. Love, although intangible, is more real than any other human experience in this life.

#3 Changing The World: You have the potential to change lives every day. Realizing this can impart you a powerful boost in motivation.

A single smile, for instance, can radically alter a stranger’s mood. That single, kind gesture will compel them to respect others, and so on.

#4 A New Day: Every new day gives you the opportunity to start anew. The past is history, the future is fantasy, but the present is now.

You are the sculptor of each day. No matter what happened the day before, it cannot stop you from living in the now and living to your full potential.

#5 Laughter: Laughter releases dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. It strengthens the immune system and mitigates pain, as well.

#6 Affection: Affection releases happiness chemicals in the brain?

#7 You might give birth to the next Beethoven or Einstein: Did you know that Beethoven was almost the unlikely victim of abortion? This is all the more reason to stay alive. You might have the next musical virtuoso or science genius.

#8 True love: This may be a rarity, but once attained, it is a precious gem to be cherished.

#9 Pets: Animals afford us with unconditional love, and they adore us. Our fuzzy companions give us a resounding reason to live.

#10 Nature: Have you ever broken the chains of a negative thought pattern, and immersed yourself in nature’s splendid beauty? The aesthetic splendor of nature is just another reason to cherish life.

#11 Happiness: While you may be depressed at the moment, the future always guarantees at least a tinge of happiness. Reassure yourself that you will be happy again, no matter how ephemeral that state of contentment may be.

#12 Music: There is nothing more transcendent than music. It can lull you into a relaxed state, or elevate you to a heightened realm of bliss. Music is one of the greatest gifts to ever impart itself to mankind.

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