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12 Worst Things to do When You’re Depresses

12 Worst Things to do When You are Depresses

Depression can be a hell of an illness to deal with and certain behaviours will often make it worse. This article will discuss the 12 worst things to do when you’re depressed

Over eat

Eating too much when you’re depressed can lead to you becoming lethargic and feel more depressed and then the vicious cycle begins. Try to motivate yourself to eat healthy foods and monitor your sugar levels to keep yourself at good health.

Look at social media

Looking at social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter can often worsen your depression if you’re prone to anxiety or depressive down periods.

Try to keep yourself off such websites as it can be common to feel down about your friends enjoying themselves whilst you feel bad.

Google your symptoms

The internet is full of false knowledge of over-exaggerated symptoms, meaning that googling how you feel may lead to you feel worse about yourself because you believe you have a problem that you really don’t.

Keep away from photos and memories

Making sure that you stop yourself from memories that may make you feel even more depressed is a good way to avoid worsening your condition. Try to focus on creating better, new memories instead of looking at a time when you were happy constantly.

Keep away from rom-coms

Romantic comedy films can often be harsh against you when you’re feeling depressed, even though they may feel great whilst watching them.

Your depression can get worse by putting yourself in a situation when you fluctuate your depression levels up and down, making you feel worse in the end.

Don’t take on a massive, tiring project

Keeping yourself away from long and tiring projects will let you keep your energy levels up properly. Something like renovating your house may seem like a good idea because you’ll be productive but often you can feel worse at the end of it because you feel achy for days on end, making you feel depressed even more.

Healthy foods are your friends

You need to ensure that your health keeps in shape regardless of whether or not you’re having a down period. The temptation to gorge on fatty food, high sugar content foods can often be high so try and limit yourself to too much.

Alcohol will not help

Getting drunk, although traditional in some cultures, will not help your depression at the end of the day. Try and keep yourself away from excessive alcohol when you’re feeling depressed, you’ll feel better for it in the end.

Try not to post your feeling publically

Keeping yourself away from looking at social media may be difficult in this day and age, but posting your emotions on your profiles can be even worse than looking at how other people are doing.

If you want to vent your emotion through writing, set up a private blog or get a diary, you’ll feel better for it.

Spending your days feeling sorry for yourself

By doing this, you’re only making yourself feel worse instead of focusing on the resolution of your problem.

Depression has no quick fix but making sure you keep a positive mind set is essential to the healing process so stop pushing yourself further into the hole.

Impulse purchasing

Keeping yourself away from impulse purchases which may then become another source for feeling depressed is a good way to keep your spirits up and get yourself through down periods.

Make sure that you ensure all purchases are needed by giving yourself a week between wanting to buy something and then actually purchasing it, unless of course it’s for medical reasons then you have no reason to delay it.

Don’t become a couch potato

Sitting around all day can feel like a good idea when you’re depressed. The motivation to get active with your day can sometimes be too low so you spend your days watching movies on Netflix and eating junk food, which not only prevents you from making progress with your depression but also worsens your condition, making the process of healing in the future even harder.

Try and get yourself to the gym or out and about for at least an hour a day to make sure your health stays intact through the depression period of your life.

This will be absolutely essential to your recovery and this step shouldn’t be ignored at all. It may be a good idea to consult a doctor to see which exercises are recommended if you’re worried about external issues such as weight etc.

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