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8 Alternatives to Bad Behaviour When You’re Depressed

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8 Alternatives to Bad Behaviour When You’re Depressed

Depression can bring about negative thoughts constantly and your behaviour will often follow suit. Feelings of constantly needing to escape are common so this article will discuss alternatives to these behaviours.

Running away

The need to escape from your problems is common and nothing to be worried about. This feeling is often brought about by depression, so a good alternative to this is pushing through it.

As exercising is the opposite to binge eating, focusing more energy on your problems than before can often result in the resolution of the problem rather than the worsening of it. Give it a shot, it works wonders and it will do for you too.

Laugh your problems away

Quite often couples and love can be a common instigator of depressive feelings, meaning that you again need to do the opposite. Laugh at the fact that they don’t have the freedom to do as you please on a day to day basis.

You may be single, but it sure does comes with some pretty sweet benefits that people in a relationship may not have access to.

Exploit the fact that you’re able to spend your day as you want to instead of having to discuss your options with a 3rd party and laugh at those that do.

Self-harm? Become a chef

Self-harm and cutting yourself are common signs of depression, perhaps not in a suicidal way but just to alleviate the pain you experience.

Spend some time learning to cook and use the knives for their intended purpose. You’ll make some amazing meals, find yourself a new hobby and you might even be able to make a new career of it!

List your problems and scribble them out

Our problems can often feel overwhelming when we don’t understand them properly. By writing them down you have a visual stimulus to work from and you can then begin work towards the resolution.

Scribbling out these problems will make them feel insignificant, as if you can easily get rid of them, which you can, which will help with your recovery.

If you look for a physical release of pain, get a punching bag

Exercise is amazing for depression, and if you’re prone to violence when depressed it’s always beneficial to not destroy your property.

Instead of breaking things that you love or own, grab yourself a punching bag from your local store and set it up in an open space.

When you feel as though you need to push back the negative thoughts you’re having, take your anger and depression out on the punching bag instead of your home.

Tackle your problems head on

Instead of talking to someone that makes you angry over Facebook or Twitter, wait until you’ve calmed down and discuss it with them in person.

You’ll be able to resolve the issue whilst calm in a timely fashion as opposed to potentially destroying a friendship or leaving the conversation feeling worse than before it began.

This can not only improve your interpersonal skills but also allow you to make sure that any close friends you have stay just that, friends.

Get yourself out into the world

When you feel depressed it’s common to feel as though you need to hide yourself away and deal with your problems alone.

By taking the active step to get out of the house and enjoy your life despite the problems you have be having, you can start to reap the rewards of this action learn to cope with your problems head on instead of using running away as a tool for resolution.

By taking the step to get out into the world you’ll cognitively learn that you’re able to take the front line and work on bettering yourself.

Understand the problem, don’t assign blame

Sometimes it’s easier to blame someone else for being the cause of your problem instead of actively facing them problem and trying to understand why it’s there in the first place.

By taking the steps to understand the problems that you’re facing, you not only begin the healing process but you also learn how to avoid the issue in the future.

This can mean that in the long run, you’re able to ignore the reason why the problem came up and focus on other, more important aspects of your life which is always a benefit.

This may not be a quick fix to your depression, but you’ll be able to face future problems without an issue instead of crumbling like you may have done before.

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