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8 Ways Exercise Prevents and Treats Depression and Obesity Risks

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8 Ways Exercise Prevents and Treats Depression and Obesity Risks

Exercise is a vital part of preventing the onset of both depression and obesity and it shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’re worried about depression and/or obesity in your life, exercise will help you to alleviate the potential symptoms and prevent it from coming about.

Endorphins help with depression

Endorphins, a chemical released in the brain whilst exercising, will help you to prevent the onset of depression.

They work by causing your brain to diminish the perception of pain for a short period, meaning that any down periods you may be facing will be fought against chemically which is always a benefit.

It helps to reduce your stress levels

Depression and obesity can both be brought on by stress, be that from the work place, home or anywhere else.

Exercising helps you to combat stress levels with severe strength, meaning that you’ll be able to push back any symptoms that may be coming about before they become an issue.

Stress can make you feel flustered and out of control of your life, so by exercising you retain the control over your life and mental state.

You’ll burn off calories and weight quickly

Exercise is a vital part in burn off any weight which may contribute towards your obesity, so by exercising pre-emptively you’ll be able to push back the obesity before it even comes about.

Calories are in any food that you eat, so if you’re eating out regularly or consuming junk food on a daily or even weekly basis, it will be beneficial to exercise to ensure it doesn’t all add up.

Improve your blood circulation and bodily functions

If you’ve ever experienced joint problems, you’ll know they aren’t fun. If you haven’t experienced them, count yourself as lucky because you don’t want to.

Exercises such as running and weight lifting can help your body to maintain a healthy state and prevent any blood circulation related problems from becoming limiting, meaning that you’ll be able to live a healthy and active life for longer.

Boost your self-esteem by exercising

Self-esteem can often be a problem for people when they have depression or obesity, meaning that you often feel bad about yourself which can turn into a vicious cycle.

You feel bad about yourself and seek comfort by doing the thing that may have brought on the illness in the first place, meaning that your recovery is either slowed severely or stopped all together.

A boost in self-esteem is always a bonus, confidence is amazing to have so why neglect it by not exercising

Exercising will improve your sleep

If you ever have trouble sleeping or waking up after a sleep, exercising will allow you to sleep on a regular pattern without any problems.

People with depression or obesity often experience troubles when they try to sleep due to internal, physical/mental issues which prevent you from resting.

By exercising, taking the above points into consideration, you’re able to reap the rewards from exercising and then enjoy a nice night’s sleep afterwards. Keep up an exercise routine and enjoy your rest afterwards, you’ve definitely earned it.

Improve your sense of self control

When dealing with any depressive feelings or the fear of the onset of obesity, your levels of self-control may often drop.

Exercise allows you to actively take steps to improving your body but also your mental state by taking control of your life by dictating when and where you exercise.

This will allow you to generate an escape (in a healthy way) from any negative feelings or thoughts you may have, which is always a welcomed benefit.

Decrease your risk of cancer and other illnesses

Believe it or not but cancer can come about if you suffer from obesity, meaning that your lifespan will be significantly shorter and your quality of life will often be reduced considerably.

By exercising, you not only benefit from the above rewards but you always reduce the risk of the onset of fatal illnesses and diseases such as cancer, meaning that you’ll be able to live your life for even longer than you thought you may be have been able to.

Depression cannot bring around cancer, but exercising whilst you’re depressed will reduce the risk of the onset of mental illnesses that come be a symptom of depression, meaning that you’ll not only be able to make a recovery, even from the potential risk of depression, whilst also fighting back any further illnesses that can take over your life.

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