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9 Ways to Treat Depression Naturally

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9 Ways to Treat Depression Naturally

When it comes to a medical problem such as depression, people either take one of two routes: medication and therapy or a more natural, independent approach.

Both have their uses, advantages and disadvantages and this article will discuss 9 different ways to treat depression naturally.

Formulate a routine

If you haven’t already established a day to day routine for you to follow, it’s advisable to do so. Not only will this allow your body to set up its inner cycles, sleep patterns etc, but you’ll also have set times mentally when you’re supposed to perform certain tasks.

A good example of this is changing from a sleep routine whereby you only sleep when you’re exhausted to a routine where you strictly go to sleep at a set time each night. This can help you to calm your mind and allow you to focus on treating your depression.

Use goals to track progress

One of the best ways to help solve a long term problem is by breaking it down into smaller sections and tackling those one by one.

This allows you to see that you’re actively making progress one step at a time, instead of jumping from depressed straight to not depressed with no in-between.

You also begin to motivate yourself to work harder and more actively with your depression as you begin to accomplish your goals, making it even easier to treat your depression naturally.

Get active

If you aren’t already exercising then it might be time to start sorting out a work out plan for each week. This doesn’t have to be a replica of an Arnold Schwarzenegger work out, it can be something as simple as walking for 20 minutes each day, or jogging into town instead of driving.

Eat healthy foods

It’s always beneficial to eat healthily, so if you’re treating your depression naturally it may be time to take a look at your diet and see if you can make any changes which will aid you in your recovery.

Things as simple as ditching the fast food and soda and replacing it with water and low carb foods can help you to heal faster.

Sleep is your friend

This was touched on before in the “routine” segment, but it’s an important part of treating depression naturally.

Get yourself a rock solid sleeping pattern, stick to it rigidly for at least 2 weeks (before you allow any extra time before/after) and you’ll start to see improvements quickly.

Take on some responsibilities

This may be in the form of a pet, volunteering at a local charity shop or simply agreeing to vacuum the house once a week.

This will give your brain chance to get active and you’ll begin to see the benefits in self-improvement, aiding your recovery even more.

You’ll also be able to give back to the community, to your household or simply feel good about yourself for helping out other people which is also a bonus.

Supplements may be of use

Instead of going to beta-blockers or any other form of anti-depressant, some depression sufferers like to use supplements to ensure their chemical balances are as stable as possible.

It is, of course, always recommended that you consult your doctor before taking any form of supplements to ensure that it’s safe to do so.

If they fit in well with your newly formed sleeping pattern they should work wonders, providing your doctor gives the all clear.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Depression can be an extremely limiting illness that makes you want to isolate yourself. Part of the method in dealing and healing depression is trying new things and stepping outside of your room, house or wherever you may consider your “safe place”.

This may be in the form of getting a part time job, joining the gym or even a local running group. This not only gets you to meet new people but it also allows you to get active and exercise without it feeling like a chore, which is always a bonus.

Get out there and enjoy yourself

Everyone has something that makes them happy so why not exploit that and get the most of it? If you’re an avid painter, join a local art group or sit in a café and create a masterpiece. Enjoy video games?

Go to a LAN festival where you can meet likeminded people and enjoy your common interest together.

You’ll be surprised how much being around others that have the same interest can benefit your depression and the healing process.

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